What stories are told, and
how they are told, matters
THe Principles

The Handbook

The Dignified Storytelling Handbook provides ‘how-to’ guidance on putting the Dignified Storytelling Principles into practice. It includes general guidelines on each principle, suggesting action points for application, and spotlighting stories as examples of what elements of the Principle might look like in practice. It also offers tips and tools to thoughtfully and critically examine stories, particularly those told from development and humanitarian settings, and provides suggestions to guide value-based decisions and partnerships in storytelling. If you consume, gather, make, facilitate, live, create, or tell stories that touch on issues of global and local importance, then this Handbook will serve as a useful reference guide to you.

Loletekia, Uganda: Members of several pastoralist communities walks on their way to an inter-community peace talks meeting. Credit: FAO

The Pledge

Dignified Storytelling is calling upon the global community to join hands and tackle irresponsible storytelling, a practice that has been left unaddressed for far too long. We invite all storytellers, governments, agencies, and civil society to commit to the Dignified Storytelling pledge in an effort to instill an understanding and practice of storytelling that brings us together and reminds us of our shared humanity.

Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

Dignified Storytelling is featured across Expo 2020’s rich calendar of specialist programming, which reflects and celebrates the spirit of Dignified Storytelling throughout the 6-month event. Encompassing cultural, social, economic, environmental and UAE-based themes, the program series has been curated in close collaboration with Expo’s International and Non-Official Participants, International Organizations, Commercial Partners, as well as various UAE entities, and seeks to garner solidarity around global challenges, spotlight areas of mutual interest and importance, and ensure the emergence of a meaningful legacy at the national, regional and international level.


Sarah Gavinala with her husband Witinesi and their son
Through the lens of
Sustainable Development
Prioritizes dignity &
respect for the subject
Accessible & practical
Dignified Storytelling Handbook
Concrete best practice
case studies

The Dignified Storytelling Alliance

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