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Dignified Storytelling

What stories are told – and how they are told – matters.

Dignified Storytelling is an initiative that aims to foster a common understanding of how storytelling can and should instill as well as maintain the dignity of all persons, while striving to create an environment of positivity that strengthens long-term relationships between the public, private and the development sectors. Dignified Storytelling was born out of the need to fill gaps in advocacy, knowledge-sharing, and available resources through the consultative development of a accessible and practical foundational Principles and a Dignified Storytelling Guidebook.

Education Response for Children Affected by Indonesia’s Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami.


Dignified Storytelling is currently hosting a series of consultations to solicit cross-sectoral perspectives on storytelling in development, with inputs from UN agencies, foreign aid departments, INGOs, local NGOs and groups, the media, and storytellers. These collected insights will inform the Dignified Storytelling Guidebook.


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Dignified Storytelling Alliance

There are many actors who are doing exceptional work as, and with, storytellers in development . If you are one of them, your participation and inputs to the Dignified Storytelling initiative is paramount! We invite you to join the Dignified Storytelling Alliance, a wide network of champions who will input and advocate for the global uptake of the Dignified Storytelling principles, guidelines and best practices.

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