Dignified Storytelling

The Dignified Storytelling Pledge

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1. It’s not my story.

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Amplifies contributors’ voices and experiences, honouring their wishes on what story is told and how it is told.

2. I do no harm.

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Applies a “I do no harm” ethic to all actions.

3. We are all

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Treats each individual as a whole and every community as dynamic and multi-dimensional.

4. Consent is more than paperwork.

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Obtains informed, full, and freely given consent from contributors.

5. I am biased (repeat).

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Acknowledges and mitigates biases, stereotypes, social stigmas, and power differences.

6. I do my homework.

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Values local, social, moral, and cultural

7. I am empathetic.

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Considers the impact of stories on individuals, communities, and the natural environment.

8. I protect others’ data like its my own.

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Processes and manages content responsibly in line with existing data protection guidance and laws.

9. Truth over headlines.

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Depicts realities and change prospects with accuracy and authenticity.

10. A story can change the world.

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Empowers and inspires both contributors and audiences to work towards positive change.

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