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Expo Events

Roof design at the Expo2020 in Dubai.
Credit: Sasha Pritchard, Canva Images

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Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

Dignified Storytelling was featured across Expo 2020’s rich calendar of specialist programming, which reflected and celebrated the spirit of Dignified Storytelling throughout the 6-month event.

Encompassing cultural, social, economic, environmental and UAE-based themes, the program series was curated in close collaboration with Expo’s International and Non-Official Participants, International Organizations, Commercial Partners, as well as various UAE entities. The Expo participation sought to garner solidarity around global challenges, spotlight areas of mutual interest and importance, and ensure the emergence of a meaningful legacy at the national, regional and international levels.


27 March 2022

Empowering Female Storytellers

Canon Inc. is a global supporter of the 17 UN SDGs, and through its Miraisha Programme and Young People Programme, it enables young people across Europe, Middle East and Africa to tell the stories that matter to them, empowering storytelling and driving gender equality for the next generation.

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In-house event

26 March 2022

Raindance Film Screening

With the aim to instil the concept of ethical and socially responsible storytelling among young filmmakers, Dignified Storytelling and Raindance Film School Dubai embarked on an exciting collaboration to educate students at Raindance about the importance and values of dignified storytelling.


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24 March 2022

The Weight of

Dignified Storytelling joined forces with We Are Water, a foundation dedicated to breaking the barriers between people and access to safe water. The event brought awareness around the SDGs and the Dignified Storytelling Principles, goals and aspirations which are severely dependent on the global communities’ equal access to clean water.

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International Women’s Day

6,7 March 2022

WE, THE WOMEN Festival

To celebrate International Women’s Day and highlight the need to #BreakTheBias, Dignified Storytelling and the Women’s Pavilion by Expo 2020 Dubai co-hosted WE, THE WOMEN Festival to build unity and social awareness around gender equality and women’s empowerment through music, dance, and visual storytelling.

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Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods

24 February 2022

Food from the Roots

Food is the agent that nurtures and unites us all, regardless of cultural differences. It is the element that allows us to embrace the many dimensions of our heritage and roots. Cooking techniques and culinary knowledge passed down through generations are of the oldest human rituals. 

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Health and wellness

1 February 2022

Unlocking the Mind

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been experiencing increasing ambiguity around our physical, mental and financial futures. In order to transcend beyond these uncertainties, many turned to mental health exercises such as mindfulness, using the practice as a buffer to counter pandemic related distress.

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19 January 2022

SDG Storytelling Lab

Addressing the world’s greatest challenges, from climate change to gender inequality, requires action from all sectors and individuals. Programme for People and Planet at Expo 2020 partnered with Dignified Storytelling, United Nations Department of Global Communications and Edinburgh Science, and brought creatives and change-makers together to look for solutions that uphold human dignity.

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Knowledge and learning

14 December 2021

Information Literacy in the age of Digital Media

This event explored the important role of education in fostering the skills needed to critically examine the digital stories and information that we consume daily. It also explored the question of how media sources, social media corporations, and educational institutions can collaborate more effectively to ensure that information literacy is central to education. 

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Human rights day

10 December 2021

Dignified Storytelling Forum

The Forum stood out as the most strategically important Dignified Storytelling event during Expo, attracting more than 700 in-person and virtual attendees who heard from more than 20 speakers on the overarching topic of adopting dignified storytelling approaches across policy and practice to help reshape the way stories are told around the world.

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Tolerance and inclusivity

19 November 2021

Placing Human Dignity at the Heart of Storytelling

Tolerance and inclusivity are core pillars of Dignified Storytelling and its 10 Principles, uniting the voices of content makers, editors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers, and contributors and equipping them with the awareness and hands-on knowledge that will enable them to capture moments and tell stories without compromising human dignity.

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Urban and rural 

1 November 2021

Local Stories that Empower, Improve and Transform

With the world’s population increasing, rural exodus and urban expansion are inevitable. This insightful session provided a platform for storytellers as well as development experts to discuss how stories from urban and rural areas can challenge stereotypes, amplify local voices, unpack nuances and complexities, and build empathy and understanding.

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18 October 2021

Stories of Great Ambition and Hope

This event engaged storytellers and communication experts working with space agencies to talk about big blockbuster space missions and share hopeful and exciting experiences. The speakers highlighted the role of dignified storytelling in communicating the mysteries of space and what is possible through STEM and technological advances. 

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Climate & Biodiversity

5 October 2021

Working Together to Safeguard our Collective Future

At this event, Dignified Storytelling celebrated stories which promoted knowledge, provided solutions, and drove action towards a healthier environment during Climate & Biodiversity Week at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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