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Teaching Information Literacy in the age of Digital Media

Digital media is a powerful influencer of social change as a tool for communications and a channel for the wide dissemination of information and knowledge. The rise of digital media has added new complexity to the relationship between schools and media.

This event explored the important role of education in fostering the skills needed to critically examine the digital stories and information that we consume daily.  It also explored the question of how media sources, social media corporations, and educational institutions can collaborate more effectively to ensure that information literacy is central to education – towards the creation of more just, open societies built on accurate information.

During this event, we highlighted the role of education systems and global media corporations in teaching the skills needed to analyse the many types of stories that we consume daily in our increasingly digitised world. 

Speakers of the Day

Moderated by Phil Noble, Founder of World Class Scholars and Politics Online from UK, this session featured Niamh Spelman, GM, Microsoft Solutions, Michail Bletsas a Greek research scientist and the Director of Computing at the MIT Media Lab, Mikaela Jade, CEO and Founder of Indigital as well as Derek Murray Wyatt, former British politician who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) in the U.K.

Phil Noble

American entrepreneur and technology speaker

Mikaela Jade

Founder and CEO of tech company Indigital

Michael Bletsas

Director of Computing at the MIT Media Lab

Niamh Spelman

General Manager of the Solutions Sales Unit at Microsoft

Derek Wyatt

British politician and former Member of Parliament

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