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The Weight of Water

Water connects all aspects of our lives, from education and women empowerment to health and economies. Accessibility to sanitation and safe water can instantly transform problems into potential, poverty into possibility, and time spent into time saved.

This year for Water Week, Dignified Storytelling joined forces with We Are Water, a foundation dedicated to breaking the barriers between people and access to safe water and sanitation, to help us advocate and bring awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals and the Dignified Storytelling Principles – aspirations which are severely dependent on the global communities’ equal access to clean water.

As part of the United Nations Water Day theme for 2022 – Making the Invisible Visible – Dignified Storytelling and We Are Water showcased the intricate links between global access to clean water as a fundamental human right, and as a pivotal component in protecting individual and communal dignity in all parts of the world. This event was a result of our collective passion for creating a sustainable and dignified future for people and planet, and our common objective of working together to create solutions and strategies that address water scarcity and access to clean water through dignified storytelling, by sharing stories of these communities in a manner that supports, and allows them to thrive through a deeper and more connected narrative.

Speakers of the day

Ragy Saro

Dignified Storytelling Lead

Marita Peters

Surge for Water

Sumaiya Omar

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Hashtag Our Stories

Carlos Garriga

Director, We Are Water Foundation

Yusuf Omar

Co-Founder, Hashtag Our Stories